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Maytag appliance repair Ottawa

Appliance Repair Ottawa is established as a reliable company in Canada that responds quickly to your appliance repair needs. We specialize in all Maytag appliances. The brand and company have continuously evolved over the many years to deliver high-quality service to you. Maytag expanded into manufacturing high-quality fridges, dishwashers and many other appliances you would need in your kitchen. All machines require maintenance and repair no matter how reliable they can be. Therefore, when your home appliances have reached a point where they require professional attention from a technician, Contact us! We provide dependable and fast repairs in Ottawa- we are the best in the field. Our professional staff are well trained and highly experienced in broadening the life of your Maytag appliance.


Maytag appliance repair service ottawa

Appliance Repair Ottawa is committed to giving you a service that reaches your high standards. We are genuinely enthusiastic about appliance repair and are extremely knowledgeable in the trade. Our group of skilled experts can assist you through the entire process from start to finish and further provide with assistance in providing you with tricks about your machine. Based on the appliance you wish to repair we can give you tips on what you could do to increase its shelf life. You have more control of your appliance’s life than you believe. Choosing to purchase Maytag appliances is the best solution for you if you seek to have long-lasting and dependable appliances in your home. Choosing to hire us to repair any parts of your appliances is another smart decision. We are experts in resolving any issues that could arise and concerns you may have- it tends to be a tremendous alleviation to realize our specialists will tackle it. We efficiently and meticulously conduct all repairs across Ottawa and can be at your service when you need it as we offer same day service.

maytag fridge repair Ottawa


Maytag is known for delivering an assortment of fridge models that are known to keep food fresher for longer and safely store your food. Regardless of the model or issue, our high-skilled staff of technicians are easily able to identify and fix any issues to restore the fridge to its healthy state. Call us today at 613-699-7966 with the satisfaction that we will take care of the problem immediately to prevent you from having to wait and order food for you and your family while the food in your fridge goes bad. 

maytag stove repair Ottawa


The stoves at Maytag simplify your daily life- cooking in the kitchen with a Maytag stove adds flavour to your kitchen space as well as makes the task of cooking easier. Having a stove that stops working or causes trouble can be frustrating, that is why we employ services that are available to you immediately to help you if any issues arise. Having your stove repaired immediately and responsibly can save your stove from further harm. Contact Appliance Repair Ottawa for all your stove repair needs to prevent you from any other costly repair services.

 maytag dishwasher repair Ottawa


The dishwashers at Maytag are long-lasting, strong and carefully designed to cater to your dishwashing needs. However, if on the off chance a mechanical issue falls upon your kitchen machine- call us! At the point when your appliance has been thoroughly used and needs some attention- Appliance Repair Ottawa right any wrongs and is here for you to repair your dishwasher on our first visit to your home.

maytag dryer repair Ottawa


Maytag dryers are a fundamental piece of appliance that is in your home. Be that as it may, if the machine is too hot or not giving off any heat to dry your clothes, it’s critical to maintain a strategic distance and not use it until our technicians have analyzed the issue. Having a dependable dryer in your home is important, which is the reason we offer same day services throughout the week to give our high-quality service to our customers. 

maytag oven repair Ottawa


Maytag ovens are known for their quality and simplicity in making cooking enjoyable and easy. Yet, in the event that the machine becomes defective, its outcome of usage will not exactly have alluring outcomes. That is the reason to call us Appliance Repair Ottawa to immediately tend to the oven!


Maytag appliance repair services ottawa

Maytag has designed its appliances to indicate error codes that indicate if there is a problem with a certain aspect of the appliance. It is possible that the machine may display the wrong error code if a smaller issue such as a button may not be working. At Appliance Repair Ottawa we are knowledgeable and understand the Maytag error codes like the back of our hand. We are also high-skilled and trained to repair any Maytag problem that is possible to arise with any sort of home appliance. When a fault code is displayed, call us immediately: 613-699-7966. We have listed the common Maytag error codes below to help you in case your appliance has displayed an error code and you want to understand the issue before giving us a call!

  • F1 – Touchpad or timer is faulty
  • F2 – The Oven temperature is too hot
  • F3 or F4 – The oven sensor is not working Shorted or open oven temperature sensor (RTD)
  • F5 – Clock and hardware issue
  • F7 – Touchpad not working 
  • F8 – Clock issue Digital problem
  • F9 – Check the door components


maytag appliance repair ottawa

Choosing Appliance repair Ottawa is the best solution for you and your Maytag Appliances. We are a local family-owned business that provides same-day professional services. Our highly-trained staff is knowledgeable about Maytag appliances and are easily and quickly able to identify and tend to the problems that may arise with your appliance at home. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee as we also offer the best prices for our repair services. Call us today for your appliance repair needs! We understand how important it is to always have your appliances working efficiently and that is why we are always ready to provide you with our same-day repair services.