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You wouldn’t let someone who is not a professional surgeon give you a heart transplant, so why would you want anything other than professional services for the other aspects of your life like a washer repair service.

When your washer breaks down or is in need of repair Appliance Repair Ottawa is Ottawa’s #1 appliance repair company to call. We offer same-day-service and competitive pricing for services complete by trained professionals.

Why Choose ARO for Your Washer Repair

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A broken washer is a serious problem, in need of a serious solution, Although you might think you can fix your broken washer yourself, we’d advise against it–it can be a costly, time-consuming experience. Save yourself the time and money by calling a certified professional from the tech team at ARO. We Will not only assess the needed repairs for your washer, but we’ll also complete the repairs in a timely manner. Attempting a DIY repair could cost you hundreds of dollars and hours of time if done improperly.
Our team is specially trained like no other appliance repair company in the Ottawa area to repair your washer to fix washer repair issues such as:

washer repair service Ottawa
  • Washer will not fill up
  • Washer will not clean properly
  • Washing machine repair
  • Generic washer problems
  • Washer not spinning
  • Washing machine won’t drain

There is not a repair issue that we cannot solve when it comes to washer repair YOU need completed.

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Same Day Washer Repair

We are happy to offer same-day-repair services with top quality washing machine parts and services. Contact us via phone or email with an initial request for a repair inquiry and we will have someone from our team contact you ASAP to arrange a visit and determine the needed repair of your home washer. We can guarantee satisfaction with our washer repair services in Ottawa.

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Book Appliance Repair Ottawa Today!

Ok, so now that you have chosen to work with the professionals at Appliance Repair Ottawa you will need to contact us. Scheduling an appointment and a visit from one of our certified team members is simple: To book your washer repair appointment with one of our trusted handymen just give us a call today at 613-699-7966 and we will be happy to arrange a visit and give you a free estimate.

Additional Appliance Repair Services We Offer

Washer Repair FAQs

How much does it cost to fix a washer?

The average cost of washer repair is between $50 to $350 depending on the make, model and the parts you need to replace.

Are washers worth repairing?

If the cost to repair is more than %50 of the total worth of the appliance then it is usually not worth it.

How many years does a washing machine last?

Washing machine life expectancy is around 10 years.